TVA information

2008-07-09 08:03:30 by KHF

Well it's been a long time since I've posted on my Newgrounds journal (not that anyone actually reads it), so I thought I'd put up some information about TVA I put on my deviantART journal about a month ago.

You don't have to worry TVA will still star Jack... although that may confuse some people who don't read my journal on Newgrounds... But anyway, yes it will still star TPS's Jack. Adam's still in there as his usual 'technical support' self. But there won't be any Sly, Ratchet, Sora or Jak this time around.

The plot involves Jack and a new team trying to save the newly discovered 'toon' dimension. While that sounds like the same plot as TPS, believe me it's going to be different this time. This time Jack and Adam are working as part of a big agency that's sworn to protecting every dimension. This agency is a sort of... MIB style of agency. As well as stopping bad dudes they also try and keep the knowledge of the other dimensions secret from the public.

I want this series to have more of a comedic edge then TPS. I want to try and make it funny and amusing, but at the same time have a deep plot going, not an easy task.

Okay, this all raises a bunch of questions doesn't it? Such as:
Toon dimension? WTF?
Who's going to be in Jack's new team?
What does TVA stand for?

Well let me answer those in order:
The toon dimension, it's basically the cartoon and anime dimension. It's a dimension where the characters and worlds from cartoons and anime really exist (like with video game characters and worlds with the video games dimension).
Hmmm... I'm not sure I should tell you Jack's new team right now. All I'll say is that they're from programs I used to enjoy as a kid.
TVA? Well... it doesn't really stand for anything anymore. In the agency Jack and his team are working for each team is given a code. Jack's team's code is: TVA. But if you really want a definition I guess you could say it stands for TeleVision Adventures... but that sounds kinda lame...

Originally the plot for it was supposed to take place after TPS series 3... but now I'm going to have to alter that seeing as I never got around to it.

A few weeks ago I tried and failed at writing the script for the first episode. I don't like how I set it up, and I feel I emulated TOO much of my real life into it (I wanted to emulate a little into it as a bit of fun, but went too far). But lately I think I've come up with a better way of starting it. I thought it was a good idea to have Jack meet his new team then join the agency, but lately I thought "What if Jack's already in the agency?" I think this will work better for introducing the type of character he is. Well I think it could work, I'll give script writing another try. Once I'm done with the first script I'm going to need people to take a look at it and tell me where I might need to make improvements or what I need to take out. For this I need proper writers though and not just people hoping to get a sneak-peak at the script.

Also make sure to check out my deviantART page. I've put up examples of the new sprites I'm using for Jack and Adam. I've changed their sprites because I really don't like the sprites I used for them in TPS. They were too simple, and let's face it nearly EVERYONE uses Zero and Vent for character bases. Make sure to check them out here: My deviantART page.

This is very important *TPS related*

2008-05-25 01:57:31 by KHF

Okay, I've got some good news and some bad news.

The bad news:
I've been thinking about this for a while and I think I've finally made a decision. I'm sorry to say, but with the way things are going its beginning to look like I'll never finish TPS. I just plain don't enjoy it like I used to and it's becoming a bit of a hassle with all the voice switching and stuff. It's a shame because I'd finally figured out the problems I was having with Flash. But the whole project is becoming too stressful for me now and I can't go on animating a series that I don't like.

The thing is, when I started this project I was VERY depressed, as I was going through a VERY rough time at school. All the stress of school and animation just sucked the fun out of the project. If I was in the right frame of mind when I started it maybe I could finish it, but as of right now I really don't like TPS. At the time all I was thinking was "I'm going to be the next Kirbopher15!" whom I see as a bit of a animation idol, but I realize now that I was being a stupid kid, and was reaching for a goal I just plain couldn't achieve. Again, I wasn't in the right frame of mind for starting a project like this. I always wanted to do an animation series, but I never really wanted to do TPS, the only reason I did it to begin with was to get all the bad "practice" animation stuff out of the way. I continued because I didn't want to be a quitter and I didn't want to let people down. But now I just can't go on animating a series I don't like and adding unnecessary stress to myself.

I'm sorry to all the voice actors who have done voices in this project, especially the ones that have stayed with me the longest. You guys are awesome and I hope we can still be friends. I'm also sorry to all my fans that have enjoyed this series and have supported me through the downs. You guys are great and I'm sorry to let you down. I'm also sorry to all the people who have helped me with sprites and audio. You guys did excellent jobs and I'm sorry I'm dropping the project like this.

Now for the good news:
Fear not! I'm not quitting animation! I still have another series in the works. This is the series I REALLY want to work on, I've been planning it since I was about 10, although the ideas for it have gotten more mature as I've grown up. I really wanted to start with this series but I thought I might as well do another series first to introduce my characters and get all of the animation bugs out of the way.

This series I'm going to take proper care on and I won't release it till I KNOW it's ready. I will practice with my flash skills before releasing it. Sadly I won't be using voice actors for this series, well... not completely anyway. I think I might use, what I like to call, the KirboEarthworm technique. By that I mean, having clickable text boxes with what the characters are saying in them. But I will still have the occasional grunts, groans and single lines.

I'm going to take proper preparation with this series. By that I mean, getting all the sprites ready, getting all the backgrounds ready, getting all the music ready, and getting all the scripts ready etc. The problem with TPS was that I didn't properly plan it. But with this new series I've learned my lesson and will make sure I've got everything ready before starting. I see this new series as a fresh new start for me.

Again I'm sorry about all of this, but I just can't go on animating a series I don't like. I think it's time to start on the series I will like and that I really want to do. But I will need help with this new project, such as helping with the sprites, script writing, preparing music etc. But I'll say more on that closer to when I need the help.

I won't release any key information about this project, but I will tell you its name. It's going to be called: TVA. Some of my online friends already know a little information about it, and I will release more information about it in a few weeks time.

As for TPS, soon I will post up a summery of what was going to happen in all 3 series arcs on my DeviantART page, it's only fair.

Once again, I'm VERY sorry about all of this, and I hope we can all still be friends.


2007-12-05 07:46:22 by KHF

Yeah, I've had a facebook account set up for a while now. Here it is, you may add me if you wish;) In other news, I'm getting a long break from College soon. This week I don't have to go in today, tommorow or for most of Friday, but I do have a review day on Friday -_-. Next week I don't have to go in AT ALL, except for a tutor class on Monday and a Key Skills class on Tuesday, but that's it, I have no other lessons but those! And the week after that is when we break up for Christmas! Yay!

Livejournal and fan-mail.

2007-11-26 06:00:42 by KHF

Well episode 7's up now... part 1 at least. Remember to check out my Livejournal account for updates on part 2 and future episodes.

I've also set up a fan-mail e-mail address. Send your fan-mail to

Why episode 7 is taking SO long.

2007-10-30 10:32:15 by KHF

Well a LOT of people have been asking me "What's taking episode 7 so long?!" Well here's the reason why. Well... a re-enactment of why at least. Now that that's out of the way can people stop asking now? :)
Special guest star in video: Ollie as Ollie.

I had an epiphany!

2007-10-23 07:50:17 by KHF

So I was watching Fullmetal Alchemist the other day, and I suddenly realized something... Winry Rockbell's a complete slut... I'm not joking here! She is! I first started notising this when I saw she has a fetish for mechanics... then I watched the first opening (the real first opening, the one the dub skipped) and the third ending... this showed me... she's a complete slut! I'm seriously not joking here.

I went to an anime/media expo!

2007-10-21 10:25:08 by KHF

Well, there was a problem on the Underground so we ended up needing to catch four trains instead of three. We had to que for an hour and a half to get our tickets. Our camera broke the second we got there. We went through "The Curse of Canary Warft" (and no I don't mean we were attacked by Cybermen). BUT I'VE NEVER HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! (Well, apart from when I went to Disney land and Universal Studios in Florida). There were TONS and I do mean TONS of people there. TOOOOOONNNNNSSSS!!! A lot of them were cosplayers, which was cool but I felt a little left out. They were also giving out free hugs while we were waiting in line. I kept hugging them when I could but my friend just thought it was weird. There was SO much cool stuff there I don't know where to begin! There were TONS of new video games to play, although we only got on one. They were sellling some REALLY cool stuff, although it was expencive. They even had the Naruto Movie showing, but I didn't get to watch it for two reasons: 1: We were tied for time (my friend needed to get home by 5PM). 2: My friend wouldn't be willing to sit through a movie of an anime that he's never heard of. But we did get to go to a question answer event with two of the stars from Heroes (Jimmy Jean-Louis who plays The Haitian, and Nora Zehetner who plays Eden McCain), which was really cool, I think it may also be shown on the BBC, which is good because one of the guys that asked a question was right by my friend and I. I only wished we weren't tied for time, I wanted to stay longer.

Overall I had a fun time. I DEFINATLY want to go again. So I've desided: First I'm going to get a job. Then once I've saved up enough money I'm going to buy a cosplay costume. I'm going to keep that costume clean untill the next event. When the next even comes around I'm buying my ticket online so we don't have to que up.

Only downside was: I didn't get to see Ichigo's voice actor, which is what I really wanted to do.