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TVA information

2008-07-09 08:03:30 by KHF

Well it's been a long time since I've posted on my Newgrounds journal (not that anyone actually reads it), so I thought I'd put up some information about TVA I put on my deviantART journal about a month ago.

You don't have to worry TVA will still star Jack... although that may confuse some people who don't read my journal on Newgrounds... But anyway, yes it will still star TPS's Jack. Adam's still in there as his usual 'technical support' self. But there won't be any Sly, Ratchet, Sora or Jak this time around.

The plot involves Jack and a new team trying to save the newly discovered 'toon' dimension. While that sounds like the same plot as TPS, believe me it's going to be different this time. This time Jack and Adam are working as part of a big agency that's sworn to protecting every dimension. This agency is a sort of... MIB style of agency. As well as stopping bad dudes they also try and keep the knowledge of the other dimensions secret from the public.

I want this series to have more of a comedic edge then TPS. I want to try and make it funny and amusing, but at the same time have a deep plot going, not an easy task.

Okay, this all raises a bunch of questions doesn't it? Such as:
Toon dimension? WTF?
Who's going to be in Jack's new team?
What does TVA stand for?

Well let me answer those in order:
The toon dimension, it's basically the cartoon and anime dimension. It's a dimension where the characters and worlds from cartoons and anime really exist (like with video game characters and worlds with the video games dimension).
Hmmm... I'm not sure I should tell you Jack's new team right now. All I'll say is that they're from programs I used to enjoy as a kid.
TVA? Well... it doesn't really stand for anything anymore. In the agency Jack and his team are working for each team is given a code. Jack's team's code is: TVA. But if you really want a definition I guess you could say it stands for TeleVision Adventures... but that sounds kinda lame...

Originally the plot for it was supposed to take place after TPS series 3... but now I'm going to have to alter that seeing as I never got around to it.

A few weeks ago I tried and failed at writing the script for the first episode. I don't like how I set it up, and I feel I emulated TOO much of my real life into it (I wanted to emulate a little into it as a bit of fun, but went too far). But lately I think I've come up with a better way of starting it. I thought it was a good idea to have Jack meet his new team then join the agency, but lately I thought "What if Jack's already in the agency?" I think this will work better for introducing the type of character he is. Well I think it could work, I'll give script writing another try. Once I'm done with the first script I'm going to need people to take a look at it and tell me where I might need to make improvements or what I need to take out. For this I need proper writers though and not just people hoping to get a sneak-peak at the script.

Also make sure to check out my deviantART page. I've put up examples of the new sprites I'm using for Jack and Adam. I've changed their sprites because I really don't like the sprites I used for them in TPS. They were too simple, and let's face it nearly EVERYONE uses Zero and Vent for character bases. Make sure to check them out here: My deviantART page.


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2008-07-15 00:14:25

well tps is intresting were did ya get the ratchet sprites? anyways yeah I also have a deviantart page Ricky12 is my name on kongregate pixelpants and here to I'm known as. look me up if you need some one to make a neo retro game k.

KHF responds:

I made the Ratchet sprites myself, edited from some custom Star Fox sprites.


2008-08-05 20:10:36

woo. Can't wait.


2008-10-04 10:36:29

ok thats it ive waited to long for this so when i get flash player (which i might never get) i will continue it for all u tps fans

KHF responds:

Please don't.


2008-10-19 16:02:22

i loved tps wile it lasted i was a big fan hope to see mor great work from ya hey get that dude who played ratchet he was funny! :D

KHF responds:

Thanks. In the mean time make sure to check out my YouTube page for news on new projects, I also have some funny videos on there.


2008-12-23 05:53:12

look me again pls tell me why you want to stop making tps pls pls pls make more

KHF responds:

Because in all honesty I didn't like making it.