Entry #1

I went to an anime/media expo!

2007-10-21 10:25:08 by KHF

Well, there was a problem on the Underground so we ended up needing to catch four trains instead of three. We had to que for an hour and a half to get our tickets. Our camera broke the second we got there. We went through "The Curse of Canary Warft" (and no I don't mean we were attacked by Cybermen). BUT I'VE NEVER HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! (Well, apart from when I went to Disney land and Universal Studios in Florida). There were TONS and I do mean TONS of people there. TOOOOOONNNNNSSSS!!! A lot of them were cosplayers, which was cool but I felt a little left out. They were also giving out free hugs while we were waiting in line. I kept hugging them when I could but my friend just thought it was weird. There was SO much cool stuff there I don't know where to begin! There were TONS of new video games to play, although we only got on one. They were sellling some REALLY cool stuff, although it was expencive. They even had the Naruto Movie showing, but I didn't get to watch it for two reasons: 1: We were tied for time (my friend needed to get home by 5PM). 2: My friend wouldn't be willing to sit through a movie of an anime that he's never heard of. But we did get to go to a question answer event with two of the stars from Heroes (Jimmy Jean-Louis who plays The Haitian, and Nora Zehetner who plays Eden McCain), which was really cool, I think it may also be shown on the BBC, which is good because one of the guys that asked a question was right by my friend and I. I only wished we weren't tied for time, I wanted to stay longer.

Overall I had a fun time. I DEFINATLY want to go again. So I've desided: First I'm going to get a job. Then once I've saved up enough money I'm going to buy a cosplay costume. I'm going to keep that costume clean untill the next event. When the next even comes around I'm buying my ticket online so we don't have to que up.

Only downside was: I didn't get to see Ichigo's voice actor, which is what I really wanted to do.


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